This website, is a small effort and a humble contribution on our part towards

the new generation of net users to promote the values of Islam.
Also we beg your pardon for not having updated this site properly, we are currently working on this over to a more robust, scalable and more error free informatic site, God Willing.
 Please be feel free to check in and do give us your feedbacks, support, ideas
and Dua's.

However, We don’t accept or receive any kind of financial assistance or donations.  Many visitors have contacted us in this regard. Nobody from the website team will expect profit in either. However, indeed your prayer's are most valuable for us. 

Your continued support  and proper utilisation of this site will ensure it maintains its dynamic nature. So use the links provided to leave your feedback and comments or to bring new articles and links to our attention so we can cater for your needs.

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