The Coming of Mahdi, Jesus And The Dajjal(Anti-Christ)


Prophet Muhammad,  was frequently asked about the affairs preceding the end of the world and told his companions that before the return of Prophet JesusPeace be upon him, Muslims would find themselves in grievous circumstances. However, Allah will not forsake them and will send them a leader to relieve them from their terrible predicament. He told them that his name would be the same as his name -- Muhammad, son of Abdullah -- and that he would be his descendant, then referred to him as Al Mahdi, the Guided Leader.
The Prophet also told his companions that Al Mahdi's time would not come until after the moon had eclipsed on the first night of Ramadan followed by the eclipse of the sun during the middle of the month. Speaking of these unusual happenings, the Prophet said, "And this has never happened before since Allah created the heavens and the earth."
Concerning this advent, it has been reported by ibn Sirin that the Prophet said, "For the people who make the pilgrimage and stand on Arafat without an Imam, a burning desire will come while they are at Minan. The tribes will revolt against each other until their blood flows on Al Aqabah. Then, the best of them will go when they raise the alarm, and they will reach him (Al Mahdi) as his face touches the stone of Ka'ba -- and it appears to me as if he is tearful -- and they will say to him, 'Come to us so that we can give you our allegiance.' But he will reply, "Woe to you, how many promises did you break, and how much blood did you shed!" And he will be pressured to accept their allegiance -- indeed, he is Al Mahdi, (the Guided One) in the earth and Al Mahdi in the heavens."
“Ma-s-ee-h” is the Arabic unique title given to Jesus, the Messiah.
“Ma-s-ee-kh” is the unique Arabic title given to the lying, false messiah, the anti-Christ.
The Jewish people await the coming of the ‘Jewish Messiah’ and refer to him in Hebrew as the ‘Moshiakh’.
Those familiar with the Arabic language will no doubt recall that the Arabic letter ‘s’ is equal to the Hebrew letter ‘sh’ as in the word sa-la-m and sha-lo-m, both of which mean peace.
Through these examples the reader will easily recognize that the Arabic word ‘Ma-s-ee-kh’ and the Hebrew word ‘Mo-sh-ia-kh’ are in fact the same word in these two Semitic languages. Therefore it is apparent that the rabbis not only withhold the signs of Prophet Muhammad , the end of the world, the truth about the virgin MaryMay Allah be pleased with her  and the Prophet of Allah, JesusPeace be upon him, the Messiah and await the coming of the false messiah.
We recommend you to read Nawawi's "Gardens of Righteousness" and "Jesus, Al Mahdi and the Anti-Christ" translated from the work of Shaykh Abdullah ben Sadek, the late Grand Muhaddith of Morocco, may Allah have mercy upon him, by Shaykh Ahmad Darwish to learn more about the sayings of Prophet Muhammad as well as the events preceding the end of the world.
It is during Al Mahdi's leadership that the false-Messiah will appear of whom the Prophet said, "I caution you about the false-Messiah, and I warn you about him as every Prophet warned his nation. He will come during the time of this nation. I will describe some of his features which other prophets never told their nation. He is one-eyed, and Allah is not one-eyed. Between his eyes is written 'Kafir' (meaning unbeliever) which is read by every believer whether he writes or not."
The Prophet continued, "The majority of those who follow him will be Jews, women and Bedouins. The heavens will appear to rain when it does not rain and the ground planted when it is not planted, and he will say to the Bedouins, 'What do you want from me -- haven't I sent the rain of heaven upon you continuously?'"
One morning as Nawwas, Saman's son recalled, the Prophet spoke to them of the coming of the anti-Christ -- the false messiah -- whereupon his companions became so alarmed they thought he might already be present in a nearby date-palm grove and were very apprehensive.
Later, when the Prophet noticed their unease he asked, "What is troubling you?," whereupon they told him of their concern. The Prophet replied that it was not that which he feared for them, and told them that if he appeared whilst he was among them, he would be their defender. However, he warned that if he appeared after he was no longer with them they must defend themselves and added, "Allah will be the guardian of every Muslim in my place."
Then, the Prophet elaborated more upon the features of the false-Messiah saying, "He is a young man with coarse hair and has an eye that floats like a grape," then described him as looking similar to Katan's son, Abdul Uzza.
The Prophet told his attentive audience that whosoever encounters the false-Messiah should recite to him, for protection, the opening ten verses of the chapter "Al-Kahf" -- Chapter 18, "The Cave.
In the Name of Allah,
The Merciful, the Most Merciful.
Praise belongs to Allah
who has sent down the Book
to His worshiper (Prophet Muhammad
and has not made any crookedness in it,
To warn of great violence from Him,
and to give good tidings
to the believers who do good deeds
that theirs shall be a goodly wage
and they will live for ever therein.
And it (the Qur’an) warns those who say:
‘Allah has taken a son.’
Surely, of this they have no knowledge,
neither they nor their fathers;
it is a monstrous word
that comes from their mouths,
they say nothing but a lie.
yet perchance,
if they do not believe in this tiding,
you will consume yourself with grief
and follow after them.
We have appointed all that is on the earth
an adornment for it,
in order that We try
which of them is finest in works.
We will surely reduce all that is on it
to barren dust.
Or, do you think the companions of the Cave
and the tomb stone were
a wonder among Our signs?
When the youths sought refuge in the Cave,
they said:
‘Lord give us from Your Mercy
and furnish us with rectitude in our affair.’”
Qur’an 18:10
His companions asked how long the false messiah would remain on earth to which he replied, "Forty days. One of his days will be like a year, one will be like a month, one will be like a week and the rest of his days will be like yours." The companions inquired, "O Messenger of Allah (), on the day which will be like a year, will it suffice us to observe the prayers of one day?" He answered, "No, you will have to estimate the passage of time."
Then his companions asked about the speed of the anti-Christ's movements, and the Prophet replied, "It will be like a cloud left behind by the wind." The Prophet continued, "He will approach people, inviting them to him and they will believe him. He will command the sky and it will send down rain on the people. He will command the earth and it will produce green herbage for them; livestock will return in the evening with firm humps, full udders, and fattened sides. Then he will come to another people and invite them to obey him, but they will reject his call and he will turn away from them so that they become stricken by drought and famine, then become destitute."
The Prophet continued to warn his followers saying, "He will pass through deserted places and call on them to bring forth their treasures, and their treasures will follow him like wasps.
He will call a man in the prime of his youth and strike him with a (magical) sword so that he is severed in two. The pieces will be separated from each other, the distance of an arrow's shot, then he will summon him and the youth will respond coming with a cheerful smile upon his face.
During this period, Allah, the Exalted, will send the Messiah, the son of Mary, who will descend near a white minaret to the East of Damascus, wearing two dyed garments of yellow; his hands resting upon the wings of two angels. As he bows his head, droplets of water will fall from it and when he raises it there will be drops like pearls falling from it. Any unbeliever who experiences the fragrance of his breath will die, and his breathe will reach as far as the extent of his sight. He will pursue the anti-Christ and find him at the Gate of Lud where he will slay him.
After this, Jesus (will join forces with Al Mahdi and) come to the people whom Allah has shielded from the anti-Christ. He will wipe away the dust from their faces and inform them of their ranks in Paradise. At that time, Allah, the High will reveal to Jesus, "I have brought out some of My worshipers with whom no one is able to withstand. Therefore lead these, My worshipers, to Mount Tur (Sinai)." Then Allah will raise Gog and Magog and they will be let loose and slide down out of every slope. Their advance groups will pass over Lake Tabariah and consume all its water, and when its rear group pass near it they will say, 'At one time there was water here.'
Jesus, Prophet of Allah, peace be upon him, and his companions will be besieged until a bull's head will appear better to them than a hundred dinars appear to you today. Then Jesus, the Messiah and Prophet of Allah together with his companions will supplicate to Allah, the Exalted and He will create worms in the necks of the people of Gog and Magog which will cause them all to die in the morning like the prey of lions.
After this, Jesus, the Prophet of Allah and his companions will descend from the Mount but will not find even the space of the span of a hand free among the corpses of the adherents of Gog and Magog -- and the stench! Jesus and his companions will supplicate again to Allah, and He will send birds, as large as the necks of camels to carry away the corpses and drop them wherever Allah wills.
After this, Allah, the Mighty, the Glorified, will send down rain whereby every dwelling, no matter whether it is constructed from clay or hair, will be cleansed and become like a mirror. Then, the earth will be commanded to produce its fruits and to return its blessings, so much that a group of people will be sufficed by sharing a single pomegranate, and shelter will be found under the shade of its peel.
Allahسبحانه وتعالى Image:Allah.svg   will bless the milk of a camel that has just given birth so that it will be enough to suffice a host of people; a cow will suffice a tribe, and the milk of a goat will suffice a branch of a tribe. As they remain in this state of affairs, Allah, the High, will send a pure breeze which will take the Muslims under their armpits whereby the soul of every believer and every Muslim will pass away. After this, only the worst people will be left, who copulate with women openly, unabashed like donkeys -- its is on such people that the Hour will commence."
There are several other hadiths relating to this subject in Imam Nawawi’s reference.
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