''For We had certainly sent unto them a Book,
based on knowledge,
which We explained in detail,
a guide and a Mercy to All who believe''.

This is no less than a reminder to (all) the worlds. And you shall certainly know the truth of it (all) after a while. (Qur'an38:87-88).

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Qur'an : The Amazing Miracles 
(beyond the human probability)

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[35. Surah Fatir : Ayah 29] 

"Surely they who recite the Book of Allah and keep up prayer and spend out of what We have given them secretly and openly, hope for a gain which will not perish."

About the Qur'an

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Thus, the Qur'an is a reminder for all of mankind until the Last Hour.  

But Allah bears witness that what He has sent unto you He has sent with His (own) knowledge... (Qur'an 4:166).

Every single verse contains divine knowledge, but mankind is constantly developing. In attaining higher levels of scientific understanding, mankind is then capable of discerning the divine knowledge contained in a given verse. Thus, coming to know that this verse has been revealed from Allah, with the ever continuing process of human progress and development, man will come to find the clue that enables him to understand another verse, and so on. In this way mankind will continue to understand more and more verses. This is the wondrous characteristics of the Qur'an.

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