Physical Features of the Prophet


No written description of our beloved Prophet  can ever do justice to his exceptional beauty. 

AyeshaMay Allah be pleased with her , the wife of the Prophet, may Allah be pleased with her, described him as being more handsome than Prophet Joseph Peace be upon him for whom the wives of Pharaoh's ministers slit their hands on account of his handsome appearance. She said: "If the friends of Zulayka had seen the blessed face of the Messenger of Allah they would have cut their hearts instead of their hands!"

A portion of Prophet Muhammad's inner beauty manifested itself externally and illuminated his very being. Kurtubi, a great scholar of Islam, said that if his entire beauty had been made manifest, it would have been impossible for anyone to look at him.
The Prophet said: "The prophets were shown to me. I saw Moses , peace be upon him, he had a slender body, like a man from the tribe of Shanuah. I saw Jesus, peace be upon him, from all those I have seen, he resembles Urwah the son of Masood. I saw Abraham, peace be upon him, and from all those I have seen I most resemble him .. "
His complexion has been described as being somewhat delicately wheaten in color or whitish with a reddish tones. His face was luminous, almost round, but not round, and frequently compared to the beauty of the full moon when it reached its zenith.
He had a broad forehead and his eyebrows were separate and thick with densely fine hair. When the Prophet became displeased a vein between his eyebrows became enlarged. His eyes were jet black and his eyelashes long, mascared with kohl made from ithmid that he applied thrice to each eye before sleeping. Our Prophet tells us that: "... kohl made from ithmid used on the eye brightens the eyesight. Also, it strengthens and increases the growth of the eye lashes." His companions said that even when he did not use kohl, his eyes looked as if he had.
His nose was prominently distinguished. His cheeks were smooth and well covered whilst his proportionally perfect mouth was neither large nor yet small. His teeth were bright, slim and evenly spaced, however, the space between his front teeth was slightly larger. As for the thickness of his beard, it was dense.
His hair was slightly wavy, sometimes it was cut short and at other times he wore it nearly shoulder length. When his hair had the tendency to part itself in the middle he wore it that way, otherwise he did not dress it in that fashion. His habit was to use oil on his hair and so as not to soil his turban he would place a piece of cloth between it and his hair. When he went on pilgrimage to Mecca, he would shave his hair.
The Prophet would dress his hair and his beard using his right hand. It was not his practice to dress his hair every day, in fact, he prohibited it, unless there was a valid reason, and would dress his hair every third day.
In later life, the Prophet had several silver hairs on his temples. It has been reported that they ranged between fourteen and twenty. The accuracy of these reports is equally valid as they came over a period of time. One day, when Abu BakrMay Allah be pleased with him- first noticed the silver hairs, he said: "O Messenger of Allah, you have become old," whereupon the Prophet said: "The recitation of the chapters Hud, Waaki'ah, Mursalaat, 'Amma and Kukkirah have made me old."
It was the practice of elderly men to dye their hair before they went off to fight to disguise their age. According to the Shafii and Hanafi schools of jurisprudence, the Prophet either forbade or disapproved the use of a completely black dye except in war but permitted the use of henna, which is a reddish dye, and approved its mixing with katm, which is a black dye extracted from a certain grass. However, the katm must be used in a lesser quantity in order that the hair does not become totally black, rather, a darker tone of red.
The Prophet had well-covered broad shoulders and between them lay the Seal of his prophethood. The seal was a piece of raised flesh approximately the size of a pigeon's egg surrounded by hair.
Between his broad chest and navel grew a fine line of hair, as for his bones they were large and well proportioned. He was a man of medium stature, neither thin nor fat.
The soles of his feet were fully fleshed whereas his heels were slim.
The Prophet's walk is described in the hadiths as being "Yatakaffaoo". The scholars of Islam interpret this word in three ways. There are those who are of the opinion that it means he walked at a fast pace, whilst others say it means he leaned forward a little as he walked; the third opinion is that he lifted his leg forcefully. We also learn from the hadiths that he walked quickly and took longer strides rather than short ones. We do know that he never walked haughtily with his chest puffed out with pride, nor did he scuff his feet as he walked.
When walking with his companions he always asked them to walk in front of him on account of his modesty. When he was on a journey he rode at the back so that he could be with the weak or bereaved.
Whenever he met someone, he was always the first person to greet with peace.
A hadith informs us that it was his custom to always look down towards the ground, and another says that he gazed up towards the sky. The hadiths do no contradict one another as the Prophet in day-to-day affairs, modestly looked towards the ground whereas when he awaited a Revelation he would look towards to sky. He never stared at anything
It has been reported that he was a little taller than the average man, however, when he was amongst tall people his height was miraculous altered so that he became taller than those in his company.
There are authentic hadiths that differ concerning his age. However, the scholars of Islam are of the opinion that this difference arose on account of some companions not counting the year he was born and the year he died. The consensus is that he was sixty-three years old when he was laid to rest.
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